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It’s all recorded, designed and at the printer! But we can sell you an advance copy, right here! And as a reward for your patience, all UK advance orders will have free postage!

The eponymously titled “Whistlebow” album should be on your doorstep very soon…



Starting off with the rip-roaring, rollicking French Renaissance couples dance, “Tourdion”, featuring Will Summers’ bass crumhorn and sopranino recorder, and Rupert Gillett’s groovy cello, and moving on through some of the most tuneful and lilting English folk songs in existence in fresh, bold new arrangements, “Whistlebow” takes one on a beguiling journey. Also including one of Canada’s most beloved folksongs, the Log-Driver’s Waltz, and a piece each by John Dowland and King Henry VIII. 

Track listing:

  1. Tourdion
  2. The Larks they Sang Melodious
  3. Sally Free and Easy
  4. Paul’s Steeple 
  5. Searching for Lambs
  6. Can She Excuse my Wrongs?
  7. God if I Saw Her Now
  8. The Log Driver’s Waltz
  9. The Cuckoo
  10. The Three Ravens
  11. Pastime With Good Company


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